Poker Lessons from the Sopranos

poker lessons
One weekend, I was cooped up in a hotel with nothing to do. To pass the time, I thought I’d take advantage of HBO On Demand, and watch the pilot of The Sopranos. It’s a great show about a mafia boss, his mob employees, and his family life. Almost everyone on the show is connected with the mafia in some way. The show was so good, I made it through almost the whole series and unexpectedly found it very relevant to poker. The mob family on the show makes a good deal of money from gambling, especially poker games. Continue reading Poker Lessons from the Sopranos

The Donk Bet

the donkey bet
A donk bet in poker is a very controversial move as it has the potential to be just as bad for you as it can be good. It is most effective as a type of scare tactic only if you know how to time this move right. And poker sharks often utilize donk bet as a winning strategy against the not so skilled players. The bottom line is that the fame of donk bet depends on who is using it and in what way (as well as the limit games). Continue reading The Donk Bet

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