4 Ways Poker Goes Against Your Instincts

poker instincts
We talk a lot on this blog about how poker skills can improve your life. It’s true that you improve a lot of your talents when playing poker. You can read people better, keep your head cool under pressure, and develop a keen sense of intuition that most people lack. However, there are a few areas of poker that run opposite to how life works in the real world. Poker won’t make you worse at anything, but there are some natural life instincts and skills that get in the way of your poker game. Knowing what these are will dramatically improve how fast you master the game. Continue reading 4 Ways Poker Goes Against Your Instincts

How to Disguise Your Poker Strategy

poker disguise
When you’re playing a Texas Hold’em tournament, you’ll constantly be in situations where people are trying to read you and what kind of cards you might have. They’ll be looking at how you hold your cards, what you say, where your eyes look, and any facial expressions. The more experienced the players are at your table, the more likely it is that someone will figure out what your strategy is, just by looking at you. Here are some ways to throw them off. Continue reading How to Disguise Your Poker Strategy

The 6 Rules for Dealing with Loose Players

loose poker players
One of the most annoying things in poker is when you’ve studied the rules, read the books, and visited the forums, only to wind up at a table full of people where rules just don’t apply. The “loose” players are the ones who are ignoring most of what we suggest on this blog. They’ll go all in on a pair of 3’s and fold on a straight because they didn’t realize Jack comes after a 10. Maybe they’ll get excited that they have 2 spades and bet three blinds pre-flop, hoping for a flush. The randomness can be scary or infuriating, depending on how your game night is going. Here are some guidelines in dealing with loose players. Continue reading The 6 Rules for Dealing with Loose Players

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