Importance of Position in Texas Hold’em

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Why is it so important to play your position in Poker?  Positon is very important for many reasons in poker.  It’s a great way to get information about your opponents,  as you are the person who is acting last.  For example Pre-Flop a Tight Solid player will only raise in early position with Big hands,  and  a more aggressive loose player may be raising hands with almost any holding…. So bye understanding your opponents range and having position on them can be a great way to get info, as they are forced to act first on each street.  While a tight player is probably continuation betting with only an over pair or top pair, you can take advantage of them bye betting the first and second street if they check to you with very marginal holdings knowing they are most likely gonna have to fold.  Many tight players, especially if they are Solid players, play very straight forward, so if you have position on them you can pick up a lot of info very quickly from them either continuation betting or checking to you after they were the pre-flop raiser.

It is also very important to figure out players ranges, and you want to sit behind the weaker players(fish) so you have position on them.  This will not only help you get info on them. It will also make it so you are in way more hands with the players who are more likely to throw away their money on weaker holdings.  Bye changing seats and getting position on the players who you feel will donate the most money to the game will benefit you greatly in the long run.  So don’t let someone else take that extra free money, stop being lazy and change seats!  Poker is a game of skill, and luck of course, but bye doing the little things, like playing more hands in position, and getting the position on the players who are more likely to lose their money will benefit you greatly and will help you make more money than the other players who are at your playing level…

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  1. Yes, position is crucial to the success in Texas Hold’em. We can say, it’s a most important thing at the poker table.
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