The 6 Advantages of Playing Poker Online

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online poker advantages

Many people consider online poker to be a poor substitute for the real deal. Lack of personal interaction with someone face to face, lack of the ability to read poker tells, more distractions, or even a higher rate of loss – we’ve all heard these over and over again as arguments in favor of playing in the real world.

However, there’s a lot more to online poker that is valuable and even indispensable – at least for those who are only just beginning to learn the game – that the critics of online poker often forget. This article will highlight the benefits of online poker.

The ability to play more games for less

Nearly every online casino offers a 100% sign up bonus and very attractive reload bonuses. This means that you get to play with a lot more money than you actually spend. Not only does that give you more opportunities to learn and train yourself, but also more opportunities to win when you get good at the game.

This is perhaps the biggest advantage you could offer to people who are at the beginning of their journey and are bound to lose more often than they win.

No player tells involved in the game

Did someone say this was a disadvantage? When you’re only just beginning to play, you barely have control over your own emotions let alone the ability to read others. The fact that someone can’t read your face is actually a much bigger advantage for beginners than the loss of opportunity for them to read their opponent’s faces.

Of course, no can get by without the skill of reading emotions on others and you’d have to eventually learn that skill too. However, if you’d like to go one step at a time and get a good grip on your game first, online poker is the way to go. Once your game is strong, there’s bound to be more control and less panic on your face even when you have bad cards, which is very helpful later when you’re playing live in the presence of your opponents.

Fewer Distractions

Agreed that you’re bound to get more distracted from the game when you’re at home – there could be someone at the door, a phone call, or perhaps a family member who wants you to see an interesting scene on the TV. However, these are things you can easily control and avoid during your poker session. After all, when you consider poker work, you can definitely treat it as such and not entertain any distraction from anyone around you. If that wasn’t possible, we wouldn’t have so many millions of home business owners living successful lives.

With real-world poker, on the other hand, there’s great pressure from the audience as well as your opponents who scrutinize your every look and every move. Add to that the amount of noise and the number of people in a casino, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for distraction – one that you cannot avoid unless you’ve developed an immunity towards it. Again, you’d have to develop that too in the future, but let’s take it one thing at a time.

Lesser Risk of Temptation

You’ve probably heard arguments that ease of access to the game could encourage reckless behavior. However, there’s an advantage – a big one – of playing at home, which is that you don’t have to prove your worth to anyone. Let’s admit it, isn’t that one of the biggest elements of gambling? The sheer desire to be seen as a winner in front of so many people at the table is almost seductive and can encourage you to not only play more games, but also bet higher.

Furthermore, when playing online you’re forced to be professional and bet only with your money, which you have to transfer either through your credit card, bank account, or some online service such as PayPal. Unlike real-world play with your buddies in your basement, you can’t really bet your watch or other stuff to fuel your ego.

Lastly, becoming a professional poker player requires you to make a spending plan and stick to it no matter what. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be playing at all regardless of whether you’re online or in a casino.

Fewer chances of getting intoxicated while playing

At home when you’re playing poker, there’s no one to dress attractively and bring you free drinks. At a good real-world casino, the chances of that happening are very high. Even if you think you’re going to not give in to the temptation, it would be very hard to do that. Whoever heard of someone going to a casino and not buying a few drinks?

When you’re at home where this is not bound to happen, you stay sober and also end up saving all the money you’d have spent on drinks at the casino.


There is a whole other bunch of benefits from playing poker online, which most people already know – such as the ability to play whenever you want as against timing it with the casinos’ schedule, the comfort of playing from your home, and the ability to play more than one game in parallel (if you’re good enough to win them, otherwise it’s a disadvantage and should be avoided). But since most of you know them already, I won’t waste much space belaboring the obvious.


There are some basic things you have to understand, accept, and adhere to regardless of whether you’re in a real casino or at your computer. One of these things, which is perhaps the most important one, is maintaining strict budgeting habits and never spending more than what is allowed in your bankroll planning. This presumes that you do have a plan to manage your money, which is extremely important and not optional unless you’re not in this for the long haul and aren’t bothered much by the prospect of losing a lot of money.

As long as you can take care of that, there are definitely more merits than disadvantages to playing online.

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