An Introduction to Sit n Go End Game Strategy

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I’ve skipped mid-blind play for now because I keep trapping people in late-game and heads-up the same way, and I had to write about it.

If you’ve played any poker at all, you’ve noticed that people raise often in late position with questionable hands. When you first saw this, you thought, hey, wait a minute, he just raised the last two hands, there’s no way he has a good hand again! I mean, he might, but it’s fishy (pun intended). In high-blind play, you must steal to maintain your stack. There is no way around it unless you get lucky. If you’ve been playing right, you’ve been stealing in late position with decent hands (remember, Q7 is the median hand). Don’t get pigeon-holed into having to go all-in to steal blinds. If you’ve been stealing enough and correctly, the opponent you have position on should be wary of you. This is good.

Know when to fold

As blinds accelerate, you’ll notice that your opponent will begin to call your raises, or even re-raise. Usually when he re-raises, you fold, unless you are sitting on a monster. I’ve seen people try stealing only to get re-raised and end up calling anyway “thinking” they’re pot committed. Avoid going all in with a mediocre hand at all costs.

The mouse trap

Here’s the trap. I call it the mouse-trap, because it’s the equivalent of a box with cheese in it, that some moron just has to go for.

Assuming you’ve been aggressively raising, start showing some bad hands that you steal with. It’s mean, but who cares, poker isn’t about raising kittens and shit. Eventually, you’ll get a monster. Then you just call. It sounds stupid, because if you haven’t been calling, this should send red flags into the air for a normal person. But “normal” is hard to find, and “stupid” is abundant. When you call, if the opponent has a marginal hand and a lower-than-average stack, he will go all in. And he’ll do it fast.


It’s like some reaction from the stomach that shuts off their brain. It doesn’t make any sense. But it works too often for me not to write about.

The mouse-trap. Steal, show, steal, show, get a monster, call. He or she goes all in, and you ruin their day.

Next time you get far into a sit n go try it out and let me know how it goes.

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